Harris Connect has worked with over 4,000 non-profit organizations worldwide including top educational institutions, associations and organizations.  The following is a sampling of our clients’ success using our integrated, multi-channel solutions. To learn how our innovative and industry leading programs can help make you a success story, contact us or call us at 800.326.6600 ext 0807.


University of Vermont- Fundraising Success
The University of Vermont (UVM) and their “Chatty Cats” student caller program – working in partnership with Harris Connect – have managed to add new donors and increase funds raised over the course of the last five years. Just one year after implementation, they received pledged donations in excess of $1.7 million – an increase of more than 100% and at the same time, the average pledge jumped from $99 to $130. UVM has been working with Harris Connect for more than 30 years, publishing their first alumni directory with the company in 1977. Since then, they produced two additional directories and began working with the Fundraising Division of Harris Connect in 2002. UVM initially entered into a TeleMax® Consulting agreement, but ultimately chose to expand the program for the 2006 fiscal year with the adoption of the company’s TeleMax® Resident Director solution. To read UVM’s story in its entirety, please click here.

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The University of North Carolina General Alumni Association’s Campus-Wide Mobile Solution
The University of North Carolina General Alumni Association (UNC GAA) needed a mobile solution that served more than just their alumni - they wanted one that was more comprehensive and met the needs of a broader constituency, including on-campus and sports news and info. Working with Harris Connect, the UNC GAA implemented a singular, campus-wide mobile solution that gave their wide-array of end-users, easy, immediate access to information and services including news stories; sports scores- schedules and tickets; access to the campus directory- complete department listings, and for members, the GAA’s alumni directory; feeds from their Facebook and Twitter accounts; event listings; campus maps, and more. In addition to our mobile solution, the UNC GAA is a multi-channel partner that engages Harris Connect for online services, data research and commemorative publications. To read more about the partnership, click here.

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Affinity Products

Bloomfield Educational Foundation Soars to Success: Raises $45,000 from Alumni for New Learning Program
Bloomfield Educational Foundation worked with Harris Connect to produce an alumni directory, and as a result, are able to tap into the power of their updated alumni database to locate and target alumni to support their programs. Their first targeted alumni fundraising mailing was sent to the 9,000 top-ranked individuals on their updated database, many of whom had not received communication from them since graduation. In return, they received $40,000 to support their new educational initiative, and another $5,000 in additional donations. You can read all about what they are doing with their updated database by clicking here.

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Data Research

Plymouth State University Uses Data Modeling for Targeted Fundraising Efforts
Using the data modeling solutions offered by Harris Connect, Plymouth State University increased their fundraising success and efficiency, while gaining knowledge to enhance future fundraising efforts. Click here to read about their success, how they used the data to help train their student callers, as well as some of the hidden nuggets of information they found.

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